Thank you again for your time last Sunday. We appreciate how easy it is to work with you! The pictures came out great. They are all so good I'm having trouble deciding which one to use for holiday cards. Thank you again! Enjoy the weekend. - Cindy

thank you so much, nadya! we had a wonderful time today, and these look amazing! can't wait to see the rest. - Laurie

WOW! I can't believe you got such great shots in such a short time frame! Maybe I should do all are photo shoots this way :) These are amazing! I love the one of them walking w/their backs to the camera-the lighting is really cool. And the one of all three of them really captures their personalities together and the individual ones are beautiful-I think that may be the best picture ever taken of Kate! THANK YOU!!!!! Whitney

Your photography is exquisite. Of course you had wonderful clients. The mom of Nate.....Marcie Thank you

I don't just "like", I LOVE it!! Thank you for capturing this memory! - Melissa

"Thank you for the wonderful pictures, we love the ones you've posted so far! The shoot was such a breeze and we're thrilled that we were able to get such great shots! - Jasmine

Thanks so much!! We love the pictures that you posted! Joan

The pictures are so beautiful. Thank you so much! - Cathy

These are wonderful photos!! Thank you. We really enjoyed the session and were really impressed with your ability with newborns..Thanks once again and regards, - Laura

We just received the web gallery and are thrilled with the images. On the way home James and I were raving about your ability to calm the newborn to 6 year old and somehow create art from chaos. We figured out that this was our 6th session with you over the past 6 years and everytime out shines the last photo shoot. Thank you so much for helping us capture these memories! - Amy

Oh my goodness! I've been squealing and drooling for past hour! These are wonderful! Nadya, you are amazing with your eye and skill! Thank you!!! - Claudia

so cute! Thanks for being so quick! Cannot wait to see the rest! - Hollee

Thank you sooo much. Love them!!!! See you at 6 months. :) - Johnetta

Nadya is such a pleasure to work with and her photography is amazing--she has an uncanny knack for capturing the little details that make kids and families unique. Having a mom take pictures of your kids is invaluable--she knows just how to interact with them to get the best shots and she made it perfectly clear that she would stay with us as long as it took to get them. I am also a huge fan of her photographic style...fresh and modern but with a retro sensibility that gives the pictures a timeless quality. She recently took engagement pictures for friends of ours and they are fantastic as well, so her expertise is certainly not limited to kids and families.Cannot say enough great things about this talented photographer...- Erin

Wow! Believe it or not I just got arround to viewing the video you made of our images. We are floored and I cried through the whole thing. Thank you so much. It is more precious than words can express. Very greatful to have found you - Maxine

We are in awe. These are wonderful. It is difficult to make a 16 and 18 year old happy, but you have done it! - Sue

These pictures are incredible. I am so excited to get them blown up and framed. The only problem is figuring out which ones - I want to frame them all and blow up about 50! I cannot tell you how excited I was last night. I went through them about 5X and then again this morning. Thank you so much!

Jennifer's lack of sleep last night has everything to do with your amazing talent as a phtographer. She really did spend hours going through the pictures 5-6 times. The pictures are fantastic. We constantly commented on how the picture composition makes the pretty mundane park look like something far more exotic -- the lighting, the texture of the grass and trees, the sun-dappled foilage, etc. And now we have real pics of our second. You have saved us thousands in therapy bills!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the fabulous pictures you took of our family reunion!! As I said in my email, everyone was so happy with all the different groupings of the various families that they want to make this a yearly event. Put us down for next year. Our parents were simply thrilled with the gift of your time, talent, and photos that we gave them. Thanks again! - Julie

Everyone just left from picking up their photos from the photo party. We were all so excited and enjoyed looking at everyone’s photos. Everyone kept saying how you have such a talent for putting everyone at ease, especially the kids. We have decided this is going to be a yearly ritual for our book group, that way we can all get our holiday photos out of the way early and have fun doing it. - Keriann

I am so thrilled with the way the photos of the boys turned out. I knew I wanted a special documentation of that precious newborn stage and I was not disappointed. From the moment I opened my door and welcomed you into my home I knew you were different than most photographers I have hired in the past. You are an artist, and it is reflected not only in the quality of your work, but in the joy that exudes from you while you are capturing moments with your skilled and sensitive eye. Even working with the difficult subject of a 2 year old sibling who was not feeling very cooperative, your gentleness and patience were rewarded with some precious moments between baby and big brother that you caught. We were overwhelmed with the emotion that you captured in each composition and could not easily choose our favorites as they were all so good. Everyone who sees these pictures comments on how beautiful they are. We look forward to working with you again when it is time to capture another milestone! Thank you so much Nadya! - Jackie

I have to ask you a huge favor, can you still fit us into your fall schedule? I have to admit that we decided not to have our annual photo taken this year due to time and financial constraints. Last night at dinner my children were very upset that we would give up this ritual. After fighting with me for the past 6 years when it was time to get them out the door, they admitted that they liked looking back at the photos and even having them taken! Addie, my eight year old, looked at me with wet eyes and said...We won’t see Ms. Nadya this year.... but she helps us remember the fun times. Sorry for the late notice, but hopefully you can squeeze us in somewhere so we can keep remembering the fun times. - Natasha

You made our day so special. We were so excited to see our online photo album while we were on our honeymoon! Cliff and I both agree that you were our favorite vendor to work with throughout the whole event. The photos are so fantastic, both our parents are ecstatic and are still compiling their lists that they want. We love the fact that we own all the images, we already placed an order with Black and White and ordered our thank you cards. Thanks so much! - Jennifer

These are incredible! We are speechless. You made me cry when I saw a couple of them...Beyond words. Thank you soooo very much for taking the time to do this today. It was also just wonderful to meet you, and we're thrilled to think you're not only doing our wedding, but also our engagement shoot. You were so much fun to work with today, and we felt comfortable right away. We also greatly appreciate your approach with everything. We are so excited!! - Christi

One word describes our engagement session and the images you just sent "WOW" - you rock Nadya. Cannot wair for wedding and the images you capture. - Carl

Nadya! The pictures are wonderful! Thank you so much for your great "eye"! - Lynn

Thank you so much for your time on Sunday. The pictures are wonderful and the girls had a great time. I am sure you will hear from us again! J

Thanks so much! I used to work in marketing and advertising and you are very easy to work with! Have a good one. Matt

Great, thank you so much Nadya! We had a lot of fun. I CANNOT wait for the baby shoot!! Michaela

Thank you so much for these photos! I'm all teary at my office desk looking at them. They are beautiful!! - Melanie

Thank you so much for getting them over to us sooner than you had even estimated. What a treat! I love the pictures! For a fussy photo session, especially, they turned out amazing! So happy that we decided to have these photos taken. Thank you again! - claudia & sean

The pictures turned out so wonderful! I can't even believe it!! You did such an amazing job and we really love so many of them! Thanks again! Amanda

Thank you so much again for all your great work! We love the scenes and variety--You have such a great eye, and we'll be definitely recommending you to others! All the best, Whitney

we were so excited about seeing the photos of landon yesterday - they are absolutely beautiful and we are so happy to have them! thank you for helping us with the poses and for posting these photos so quickly....best regards, jennifer and adam

These look fabulous!!! Thank you so much! ....Kim

Thank you very much for the photos. They all loved them. The graphic designer took your number to recommend you to other people.....Thanks - Rania

Greetings from the DR! Thank you both SO much for the absolutely amazing video and photo library!! We have been going through everything slowly in order to absorb it all, and also because we don't have very good Internet connection here. I have been brought to tears multiple times...We are just blown away by the quality of all the pictures and how you guys captured so many special moments.

Nadya, we just wrote a review for you on Yelp, which explains more about how much we truly appreciate everything you've done for us over the past few months. You have really been such a special part of our experience--Your pictures are beyond great, and it was so much fun spending time with you.

I also can't thank you enough for calming me down a couple of times during the wedding when I was starting to get stressed. Your smile and easy-going presence made such a difference. I also really appreciated how you understood when certain things were happening and adjusted accordingly--really wonderful all -around....

We look forward to working with you in the future and continuing to recommend you to others!

Warm regards,

Whitney and Orlando

Having you photograph our little girl was the best baby investment we made! And very, very well worth the trip from Philadelpha.Carey

These photos…. Wow… I opened it up, and immediately, the tears just started rolling down my cheeks. I don’t know how you do what you do, but you have a true gift….. Thank you from the bottom of my heart…. I’m so grateful that we did this….Nicole

I LOVE them - all the pictures came out so great! I'm going to have a hard time choosing which one to use for the birth announcements. Thank you again for everything. - Cindy

Nadya, can you please come to our house and be our nanny? We just left the studio from our newborn shoot and are amazed. Rick and I have dubbed you the baby whisperer. We cannot believe how quiet Sam was the whole shoot. Cannot wait to see the proofs! So glad Michelle told us about you! Thanks so much - Cheryl

Thanks so much!!! WE love them! - Kristin

The photos are amazing!! Thank you so much. Once again, you've surpassed my expectations. I look forward to the CD. Take care, Melissa

Thank you for the grrrrrreat pix. THANK YOU; you're brilliant!

I especially loved your attention to detail such as not putting the baby's name on the site..... thanks again, Farima

Finally had a chance to sit down and look at all of the pictures this morning and they look fabulous!!! Can't wait for the newborn photos!! thanks again!! Jackie

I have been meaning to write this e-mail for a long time. George and I cannot tell you enough how much the photos of our Gracie mean to us. When the nurse asked me if I wanted a photographer to come in for free and photograph our baby after she passed, I did not know what to say. We were so sad and unable to think about any details. Now we are so grateful that you offered your services for this fabulous organization. It all seems so surreal, but your photos have helped us tremendously with our memories and closure.

Now looking at the photos you took of our brand new healthy baby....well, it truly is a miracle. We cannot stop crying looking at these new photos, definitely tears of joy. You have really captured our love and joy for John.

We are so fortunate that you came into our lives and look forward to working with you for many years to come!! Cannot wait for John's six month photos! A million thank you's! Alice

We received the 6 month photo shoot pictures and could not be more pleased. We love them so much, you did a fantastic job. Thank you for capturing our little man so well, the pictures really show his personality. I know you said the fall really books up so I wanted to get on your calendar for his one year- cake smash photos. Do you have openings for ...

Thanks - Alexis

Just viewed them. They look great! I'm excited to see the rest! Thank you!!! Verline

Love the sneak peek you sent! Love, love, love the picture of John. . . .Thank you, Emily

Oh my god. Incredible, Nadya. Can't wait to see the rest!! Allison

OMG...I melted when i saw the pictures......You really do amazing work and I'm so glad to have found you. Have a great weekend, Farima

Thanks Nadya, I'm so excited for them! We'll stay in touch regarding the newborn photos. It was great working with you. Selina

Oh my gosh--Thank you soooo much! This is so awesome--I can't wait to see them! I also really appreciate your super fast production of them so we can send out our birth announcement. We'll continue to recommend you to others, and really look forward to the next photo shoot!!

Thank you, thank you!!


We are speechless once again! This was our 6th session with you and each one gets better and better!! Look forward to our huge extended family photo in November, boy will you have your hands full with our brood. Best - Melissa

We love the pictures. They are absolutely beautiful. Now we just have to narrow down which ones we will order. Be in touch soon. - April

We are still revelling in the experience of the photo shoot with you last Thursday! We've told everyone who will listen about the experience, so you may be fielding a few new customers in the weeks and months ahead! :) Thanks so much! Sheerin

Love the photos! I received the CD today, too. I can't wait to order some prints and hang them in our house. My parents are coming to visit us this weekend, so I'm sure they will be placing their order, too :) Our babies newborn pictures are going to be so adorable I can't wait to take those. Thank you again, Nadya. ~Erin

Thank you so much - they are fantastic!! - Cindy

We love the sneak peak photo and can't wait to see the others! It looks like you got her smiling! Thanks so much for capturing this special time in our lives and treating her with such care during the photo shoot. You are truly a baby handling expert. - Kirstin

Oh my god, the one of him eating the basket is priceless! All the ones in the box and basket I love! Can't wait to view them on my computer and order some!

Thanks! - Allison

Thanks Nadya!!! I am so impressed that you finished them so quickly. We just ordered our cards this morning (had lots of pics to choose from) and are so excited that we'll be able to send them out before the end of the holiday season.

We love the pictures. And are amazed you got so many of him smiling. I was worried we wouldn't even have one. Thanks again for everything. Happy Holidays! - Karen